About Us


We are a small indie studio, located in Mar del Plata, Argentina, we develop games since 2011.

Our first game was "Finger Olympic" a Track & Field sports game released in October 2011.

Finger Olympic has reached the Top 10 overall for 1 month and landing at the number 1 position for 1 week on the iTunes Top Overall chart getting more than 7.000.000 millions downloads during London 2012 Olympic Games.

In 2013 we start to develop games with the Unity engine, and after two and a half years of hard work we release our second game "X-DEAD" a classic First Person Shooter mobile against zombie mutants in an wolrd Apocalyptic scenario. 

In 2016 an Olympic year we release our third game called "Finger Toons", the same characters and mechanics from Finger Olympic, but now fully developed with Unity in 3D, with MULTIPLAYER mode and characters customized from fingers from all around the world.

We have learned a lot of technicalls skill from all of this years, but nothing more important that we are privileged people who love to do their job.

Hope you like our games!!

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