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Finger Olympic

Finger Olympic is a Track and Field sports game where your fingers can be an Olympic player.
Finger Olympic reach 1st place on the USA APPSTORE Ranking for 1 WEEK during LONDON 2012 Olympic Games and getting more than 7.000.000 downloads.
FingerOlympic is a Track & Field sports game for iPhone & iPod touch, here you can play differents olympic disciplines requiring each one, different levels of skills.
You will play as "DIGIT", the leading character that challenges 4 funny finger opponents Thumby, Pinky, Yubi and Toe, they are the "finger" athletes who compete for the Gold medal in the most demanding Olympic games for your fingers.
Run as fast as you can, by tapping rapidly your device screen, keep coordination and also be strategic and make a properly use of your energies.
FingerOlympic lets you share your best marks with your friends on Twitter & Facebook!
Also GameCenter Support to compete with "fingers" athletes from around the world.
Experience the feel of competition with your fingers.
Take the challenge!


The Game

FingerOlympic is a fantastic iPhone game with original controls, addictive casual 
gameplay and some stunning artwork. we highly recommend to all iPhone gamers. 
You can give a try in appstore 

Pricing and Availability

FingerOlympic is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. It requires iOS 4.1 or later. 
FingerOlympic is available on the App Store for free and you can buy in App more disciplines and characters. 
Created with Webered WEBERED