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Finger Toons

The finger athletes are back again! After become the most downloaded game in London 2012 with more than 7,000,000 downloads, DIGIT and a lot of new Finger Friends comes again with many more olympic challenges!

NOW in 3D !
Finger Toons now comes in 3D with many more characters from all countries, choose yours own Finger Character among 12 funniest Finger athletes and compete online with others Finger Players from all around the world !!

In multiplayer mode you gain or lose trophies by either winning or losing Multiplayer Races respectively, so it would be better first to play the campaign mode in 100 metres Dash and 110 Metres Hurdles to gain experience.

Finally remember to keep always connected, new disciplines, game modes and Fingers Characters will be appearing on every update.

Show your friends who has the fastest Fingers in the World !!


Created with Webered WEBERED